Dinosaurs. Definitely.

Just Get It Over With

I’m pretty young. I mean, young, won’t tell my age or anything but I am. And it’s not always easy once you’ve got a preying tiger -cough- mom down your back.

I love my mom and all but now everything is hectic. I can’t have Kik. I can’t have Vine. All because she went through my iPod and found a picture of me.

One I know what your thinking. YES. It was inappropriate but it was of me! I had cut myself down there and needed a look! Don’t ask how…and I used my camera and I guess I forgot to delete it. -__-

NOW months later, I’m still heated. i mean it’s bad enough I have a test next week. I hope she doesn’t make me delete Wattpad, I just have 395 followers! On my books. And i don’t want to ruin ANYTHING.

God please help me here! I’m stuck and sad and sick. I want to sleep but everything is loud. and bright. I just wanna sink into a hole and die. 

Maybe it’s better to get it over with since she wants to torture me with words,cough, I mean talk. But on PURPOSE she waits it out. Making me bite my nails so far down they bleed. I’m nervous already. I had a talk before and it was HORRIBLE.

I want her to hurry up and peel off the bandaid but she’s ripping it slow. Slower than Christmas. I can’t help but feel bad whenever I see other kids with iPod and iPhone while mine is collecting dust in my mom’s office. 

This sucks. It’s really does. It’s just me and her here and I wanna cry. Just come on Mom. just get it over with.


The First Time


Whoever finds this must have done a lot of looking because I don’t want anyone I know to find this.

I’m just gonna come out and say it, I’m alone.

-sigh- I’m alone and sad. I smile, even though I don’t mean it. I cry, well, because I’m sad. Nothing is really fair. And my life isn’t exactly Primadonna type living. 

I guess I’m just on the outskirts of society, struggling to find my place. Kind of like Tris is Divergent (which was great by the way).

I vow to never try and expose who I am. Because if I did, I’ll hurt people.